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Summer Plus

Planning on attending a City & County Parks and Recreation Summer Fun Program this summer?

Kama‘aina Kids also provides Summer Plus which extends the Summer Fun experience till 5:30pm, and for some sites provide Before Care too!

Your child can look forward to a safe summer filled with sports, games, performing arts and arts & craft activities that give kids a greater sense of self, community and the earth. Each day after the City & County Summer Fun Program, your child will be escorted from the C&C Program by our leaders at 2:00 p.m. A daily snack will be provided.

Park Locations

  • ʻĀina Haina Community Park
  • Ala Puʻumalu Park
  • Asing Community Park
  • Booth District Park 808-425-1495
  • ʻEwa Mahiko District Park
  • Hālawa District Park 808-445-0539
  • Kainalu Elementary School
  • Makiki District Park
  • Mānoa Valley District Park 808-446-4642
  • McCully District Park 808-354-5416
  • Pearl City District Park
  • Puʻunui Community Park

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