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Employee Resources

This page is a dedicated resource page for our employees.

Listed to the right are links to internal resources made available to you. We'll also be posting other useful information here in the future such as Kama‘aina Kids 31st Birthday celebration, Staff Appreciation Day event, and much more.

Staff Appreciation Day 2023

Staff Appreciation Day 2023

For those attending Staff Appreciation Day this Sunday, we ask that you please review the Park and General Information below so you are prepared before your arrival.

For those coming from the neighbor isles and taking the Kama‘aina Kids shuttle bus, your greeters will meet you at the baggage claim area to welcome you and ensure your seat on the bus.

For those driving, a Kama‘aina Kids representation will be stationed at the parking lot attendant station to issue your parking pass if you have not yet received one.

For those who provided a mobile number, we will be sending text messages for a variety of announcements during the event. If you are not sure if we have your mobile number, please feel free to text JOIN to +18444448157. Text messages will come from +18444448157 so please make sure to add to your contacts as “KK SMS” as a suggestion.

Should you have any questions, feel free to text +1 (844) 444 8157.

Park Rules and General Information

  1. Check-In starts at 8:30am and ends at 10am. All employees and prepaid guests must be checked in by this time. Anyone who arrives after Check-In closes will have to pay their own way including parking.
  2. Guests who are not prepaid can go to Will-Call starting around 9:30am to pay and receive our special discount as well as gain early entry.
  3. Guests who do not prepay for lunch will not be allowed in the Pavilion area during lunch time (12pm-1pm). This includes keiki 3 and older. Everyone in this area must have a yellow wristband on.
  4. For staff and prepaid guests without a parking pass, one will be issued to the parking lot attendant for you. A Kama‘aina Kids representative will be present at the parking lot attendant station with your name for all RSVP staff and prepaid guests. Guests who drive separately and do not prepay for parking pass will have to pay the standard $15 rate.
  5. Keiki 2 and younger are free for both park entry and lunch buffet.
  6. Lunch is available only between 12pm-1pm. Once 1pm comes, park staff will close the buffet lunch so make sure you get your fill in that hour!
  7. No outside food is allowed. Hydro flasks and water bottles are allowed with only ice/water while inside the park. Also no glass bottles and soft coolers allowed.
  8. Make sure to come prepared with sunblock, towels, etc.

Bonus Attractions

On the same day, Wet'n'Wild is hosting its first Petting Zoo Day with live farm animals on display adjacent to the park from 11am-3pm. Take photos with alpacas, mini-donkeys, mini-horses, ducks, chickens, bunnies, tortoises, goats and sheep! Also include pony rides for keiki for a fee.

Special Dive'n'Movie matinee at 12pm of Sing 2 (PG) at the Wave Pool.

Staff Appreciation Day FAQ's

Q: What I am running late or can't make Check-In by 10am?
A: If you anticipate being late, you can text (844)-444-8157 to let us know and we can see how we can accommodate you. If you end up showing up late, you can also try texting (844)-444-8157 to see if anyone is able to check on you. Please note there is no guarantee that you'll gain free entry once Check-In closes at 10am.

Q: Do I have to pay for children?
A: Children 2 and under are free for entering the park and lunch buffet. However, due to park rules, only those with a wristband will be able to enter the pavilion area. Wristbands are only issued to guests who have paid for the lunch buffet, including kids 3+. All staff are paid for to enter pavilion area and for the all you can eat lunch buffet.

Q: What time do I need to be there?
A: Check-in starts at 8:30am at the front entrance, including passing out of wristbands. Entrance to the park starts at 9am for all those with wristbands. We highly encourage all to be timely as the opening ceremony will start between 9:30am-10am in the park at the Wave Pool.

Q: What time does it end?
A: Exit time is 4:30pm

Q: Can we bring food or drinks inside the park?
A: No outside drink or food is allowed, except for water. Park staff will be checking at entrance.

Q: Once inside the park, can we go anywhere?
A: While most of your time in the park is to yourself, we do have a program that will be issued at the entrance to identify activities, lunch, etc. that take place at a certain time and location.

Q: What is on the lunch menu?
A: All you can eat Special Recipe Chili, Hot Dog, Steamed Rice, Tossed Greens and Assorted Fruit. Also, unlimited Soft Drinks during lunch hour (Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, Sierra Mist and Fruit Punch).

Q: Do I have to pay for a parking pass?
A: All employee's will receive a parking pass either delivered to them or issued on day of the event between 8am and 10am at the parking lot attendant station for all who RSVP'd.