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Kamaʻāina Kids News

At Kama‘aina Kids, communication is key to providing our families the information they need to support their lifestyle and family dynamic. This section provides a real-time overview of Kama‘aina Kids announcements and is your quick link guide to the latest news and updates.

Tax season is upon us. Get the information you need for claiming childcare here.

Tax Season

Due to staff shortage, low enrollment or other factors, some afterschool program sites are not currently running. These inactive afterschool sites, both DOE A+ and Private Schools, can be found here.

After School Program Updates

Even with the current restrictions, we have just the thing to cure your indoor blues! From camping to kayak rentals both are family friendly and just what the virtual doctor ordered!

Outdoor Family Fun

You may be eligible to receive up to $75 a month in credit towards your internet!

Emergency Broadcast Benefit Program

Summer is fast approaching and we have begun to post summer information as they are confirmed.

Summer Programs

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