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Preschool Tuition

Kama‘aina Kids is committed to providing high quality, affordable care. Rates are based on the various programs and related services you select. All tuitions are charged a monthly rate, which is calculated based on the average number of school days per month during the school year. No discount is given for absences, holidays, or other days when the school is scheduled to be closed.

Tuition payments are due by the first working day of the month for that month’s enrollment.

Families receiving tuition assistance will be required to complete paperwork for direct deposit of payments to Kama‘aina Kids and pay the portion designated to their family by the first working day of the month. Other than reimbursement related to subsidy awards, all tuition is non-refundable.

Primary caregivers will be responsible for tuition payments until subsidies are awarded/renewed. Any payments made will be reimbursed once subsidies are received.

Preschool Tuition FAQs