Hawaii’s Enrichment & Education Professionals

School Age

A+ Program

Enrichment activities at After School Care sites offer children educational opportunities outside the traditional in-school curriculum.

Activities offered may include: Sports, crafts, drama, music, dance (Hula, Tahitian), Mad Science, swimming, ukulele, golf, horseback riding and more.

Trained Staff have:

  • CPR and First Aid certification
  • 30 hours of Basic Training
  • Criminal history background checks

Call specific site coordinators to find out what’s happening at their sites.

For a list of A+ and After School care locations, click here.

The pre-registration procedures for Kama‘aina Kids A+ Program are outlined below:

STEP 1: Complete the following forms found in the A+ Parent Handbook.

  • Kama’aina Kids A+ Registration Form
  • DOE After-School Plus (A+) Program Registration Form
  • DOE Registration Agreement Form
  • A+ Program Emergency Card (an emergency card is required for each student) pages
  • Application for Subsidized Monthly Fee (OPTIONAL)
    • Complete this form if applying for subsidized A+ tuition.
    • Only list parents/guardians and dependents in the household. Listing grandparents, aunts, and uncles are not necessary, if they are not a guardian to the child.
    • When processing the application, proof of most recent monthly income will be collected. Therefore, at the start of the school year, you will be asked to submit pay stubs for July 2022, even if paystubs may have been submitted for earlier months.
    • If a DHS Form 728 or Foster certificate is submitted, paystubs are not necessary.

STEP 2: Submit the above forms by:

  • Return packet to your school office. Your A+ Coordinator will contact you regarding your status.

Download the Oahu or Neighbor Isle 2022-2023 school year A+ registration packet. Or for more information, call 262-4538.

Link to the DOE website with the full A+ Parent Handbook for your reference.

A+ Fee is $200/month per child for SY 2022-2023 (subject to change by the DOE).

Automatic Tuition Payments

As your A+ childcare provider, we are excited to offer you the convenience of automatic tuition payments. You’ll no longer need to write a check or remember your checkbook when you’re picking up your child at the end of a hectic day. Your payment will be safely and securely processed by Kama‘aina Kids, giving you peace of mind that your tuition has been paid on time! It’s easy to enroll and even easier to participate for both A+ and Before Care programs! We are able to process credit cards or your checking/savings account.

Simply download the 2022-2023 School Year ATP Form, complete and fax to (808) 261-6066. All major credit cards are accepted, including debit cards with Visa or MasterCard emblem. Payments will be processed beginning with the first business day of each month.

Any questions, feel free to check with your Site Coordinator!