Hawaii’s Enrichment & Education Professionals


Preschool Programs

Goals of our Preschool Programs

  • Help children develop into caring, creative, thinking people, concerned about others and the world around them. 
  • Help children develop a positive self image, the foundation on which social and academic success are built. 
  • Guide children to develop confidence and independence by learning self-help skills. 
  • Prepare every child to enter school, ready to succeed.

Infant Program

Our first priority is giving infants a safe, healthy, and loving environment.
Because every baby is unique, with different needs, rhythms and rates of development, we individualize eating, sleeping and planned activity times for each child.

Activities, routines, and care help build a picture of who the child is, what they can do, and what they think and feel. Learning trust and feeling valued is at the heart of our infant curriculum. We focus on learning about self, learning about feelings, learning about other people, learning about communication, learning to move and do, and learning about thinking.

The infants and toddlers learn through daily routines and activities that incorporate playing with toys, dabbling in art, imitating and pretending, enjoying stories and books, tasting and preparing food, exploring sand and water, having fun with music and movement, and going outdoors.

We value parental communication and know it’s vital in helping our staff best meet each infant’s needs. To help each parent, we’ll provide a daily chart, based on our observations of their child. We strongly believe that the best child care is a partnership between home and the Center.

Toddler Program

Our informal environment gives toddlers a variety of sensorimotor challenges. Toddlers enjoy singing, story time, dancing, walks and more.

Practicing known words and learning new ones helps children focus on language development.

Always on the go, toddlers get the chance to explore their environment and build their motor skills.

Two-Year-Old Program

Children grow and change dramatically from ages 24 to 36 months.
Small groups help two-year-olds handle these changes more easily. In groups, keiki practice and improve their social skills.
Children become more independent as their self-help skills grow.
Storytelling, finger-plays and songs help keiki develop verbal skills.
Kama‘aina Kids provides meals and snacks.
As children become ready, toilet training begins. Parents provide diapers and wipes.

Three to Five Year-Old Program

Children in this age group are ready for more challenges. We help them develop their rapidly expanding intellectual and physical abilities.

As kindergarten approaches, pre-reading and pre-math skills get more attention.

Late Born/PreK Program

Kindergarten awaits these new graduates and we provie special curriculum assessment tools to make sure they are ready for the challenge!