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Master Leader Recognition


Exchange magazine’s November/December 2015 issue features Master Leaders in the field of Early Care and Education: 49 Exceptional Master Leaders and 38 Master Leaders are pictured and their stories told in the cover feature. And all leaders who completed the application process and were selected are included in the online version of the article. View the galleries: www.childcareexchange.com/leadership.  One randomly selected leader is featured on the Exchange cover.

Kama'aina Kids is fortunate to have one of its own internationally recognized as a Master Leader in the childcare industry. This is a significant find as Ms. Owens represents the only candidate from Hawaii to be included in this honor. Congratulations Ms. Owens!

"I've been fortunate to have been mentored by this amazing woman through my career with both Palo Alto Preschools as well as Sunrise Preschools. Buffy provided strong guidance and warm support as I navigated my way through classrooms, directorships, area and district manager positions. She still remains my most cherished and valued confidant and mentor today in my position as President of Sunrise Preschools. She is a wealth of information on curriculum and staff training as well as all areas of business and financial management, and is available to provide a listening ear, wisdom, and guidance to me as I continue my journey."

"Her presence has been one of the major factors contributing to the continued growth of Kama‘aina Kids and her knowledge helps us in the vast diversity of our services from working at a preschool or afterschool program, managing state parks where families are able to bond and make lasting memories, traveling abroad to provide childcare services to convention functions, providing community venues for hall rentals for family gatherings and children birthday parties, grant writing to take advantage of opportunities we would otherwise not have…the list goes on and still would not suffice to say enough about this person and her charisma which also is a contributable factor in her business relationships."


Master Leaders were reviewed on the following criteria:

Leadership — Experienced professionals (over age 45) who have proven themselves as able leaders in their organization, and who are taking leadership in building the profession and advocating for children and families at the local, state, and/or national levels.

Roles — Master Leaders include organization managers, advocates, trainers, writers, researchers, counselors, public officials, policy makers — anyone who has an impactful career trajectory serving young children, families, and early childhood professionals.

Knowledge Base — Professionals who show a deep understanding of early childhood research, principles and practices, including addressing diversity and equity.

Spirit — Professionals demonstrating the ability to work collaboratively, to build networks around key issues, and to demonstrate perseverance in pursuing difficult objectives.