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Childcare Financial Support

Kama'aina Kids would like to thank all childcare supporters who have been generous in their efforts to offer financial relief to our keiki, families and communities due to the impact of COVID-19. These include the Hawaii Community Foundation, the Samuel N. and Mary Castle Foundation, and the State of Hawaii Department of Human Services (DHS). Families who would usually not qualify for such financial support or even have considered it as an option in the past have seen eligibility requirements relaxed to allow more opportunities to take advantage of in these challenging times.

Below lists some financial support avenues that families can potentially tap into to help with paying for childcare services.This is not meant to be a complete list, and is subject to change based on the financial agency providing the assistance. Always make sure to check with your preschool director for accurate information and sources of financial aid available.

Updated: 8/14/20

DHS Tuition Support

Infants to 5 Years of Age

Download flyer here
You can receive up to 100% tuition assistance on childcare for your keiki from infants to 12 years old! The State of Hawaii Department of Human Service continues to support the communities of Hawaii by temporarily lifting the monthly gross income eligibility limits for families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic emergency and need childcare.

  • Families who normally do not qualify due to their income but are essential workers can apply for childcare subsidy assistance to help pay for the current childcare costs now while they are working
  • Other non-essential worker families who normally do not qualify due to their income can apply for childcare subsidy assistance to help pay for their childcare costs

Applications can be downloaded here and submitted to any of the below offices.

Need help? Email us or call us at (808) 262-4538 to see how we can help.

C&C of Honolulu COVID-19 Household Hardship Relief Program

All Ages

Eligible families can qualify for up to $500 per month for childcare services.


  1. Applicants must demonstrate economic hardship due to COVID-19 or related business closures
  2. Applicants should have no more than $10,000 in liquid assets and income should be 100% AMI or below
  3. Applicants should be prepared to provide copies of tax returns, bank statements, and pay stubs

Eligible Expenses

  1. Eligible payments may include rent, mortgage, certain utilities, childcare providers recognized by Department of Human Services, and other emergency expenses

Income Limits

TO APPLY, visit one of the non-profit organziation community partners who administer the application process:

  1. Aloha United Way or call directly (808) 275-2000
  2. Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement or call (808) 596-8155

For more information and FAQ's, click here.