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Accreditation & Credentials

Kama'aina Kids' staff undergoes First Aid and CPR certification in addition to a thorough background check. We require and provide extensive training in safety procedures, risk management, and child development skills.

To ensure the highest quality standards set by the early childhood industry for safety, programming and staffing, Kama'aina Kids Preschools are licensed by the Department of Human Services and sets the goal to be accredited by the various recognized Early Childhood Accreditation bodies that exist within the United States.

The CDA (The Child Development Associate) Credential is the most widely recognized credential in Early Childhood Education (ECE)  and is the best first step on the path of career advancement in ECE. At Kama’aina Kids we have several staff that have taken this path and have achieved their credentials in attaining their CDA.  We support and encourage all staff to work towards this distinctive credential which is nationally-recognized, portable, reciprocal, competency-based credential of its kind in the country. As a company we support professional development and want teachers to practice and understand the standards to help students to move forward with success from one developmental stage to another.

Congratulations to the following for their recent accomplishments...

Updated: 11/18/16

Employee Site Type
Heather Nelson Paia CDA
Jenniferlin Wilsey Lahaina CDA
Mafiga Masalosalo Alewa CDA
Chevette Burgess Ewa CDA
Michelle Ebalaroza Ewa CDA
Lynette Wessel Ewa CDA
Jenisse Diaz Ewa CDA
Frances Silipa Ewa CDA
Tasha Karrati Mililani Tech Park CDA
Lavern Colipano FTW Waipahu CDA
Stacy Ilae Hawaii Kai CDA
Naomi Kong Kahului CDA
Brandi Abang Ewa AA in Education
Joanna Castro Ewa AS in E.C.E.
Tasha Turner Mililani Tech Park AS in E.C.E.
Kalai Lenchanko Mililani Tech Park AS in E.C.E.
Nevetra Whorline Kaneohe BA in E.C.E.

Jenna Contemplo

Iroquois Point CDA
Coreen Capenia Iroquois Point CDA

Nicole Shimasaki

Iroquois Point CDA

Sherri Salis

Maili CDA

Nalani Salis

Maili CDA