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Summer FAQ

Below provides some general answers to the most common questions regarding our summer programs! To automatically be informed when our summer program starts accepting registrations each year, download our Mobile App or join our email list! Can't find what you are looking for? Email us at support@kamaainakids.com

General Registration

Q: When will registration for your summer programs start?
A: Kama'aina Kids handles a variety of summer programs for keiki who have completed Grades K-6. Some of the more popular programs include the below (dates provided are estimates only):

 - Day Camps: Summer registration is anticipated to begin early April.
 - After Summer School Program (ASSP): Information and registration anticipated to become available sometime late April. These programs are provided at the request of a specific summer school.
 - Summer Plus: Information and registration anticipated to become available sometime in mid-May.

***Dates will vary by program and location.

Q: Do I need to have a physician complete the Health History Form?
A: A parent’s signature is acceptable, in place of one from a physician. Parents may also submit copies of the immunization charts, which are typically required by Hawaii DOE schools. All forms must be completed or submitted by the child’s first day of program.

Q: What comes with a purchased lunch?
A: Lunch service is provided through Keiki Gourmet. While a preset menu is not available for the daily lunch service the following serves as a general guide for our lunch program. On most days, a brown bag lunch is provided, consisting of 1 sandwich with cold cuts—such as ham, turkey, bologna, etc.—2 different types of snacks and a juice. We strive to provide at least 1 hot lunch per week, with a drink and snack.  If your child has food allergies or is particular about what he or she eats, it is best to provide a lunch from home.

Q: Do you provide financial assistance?
A: Financial assistance may be available through Child Care Connections Hawaii (CCCH), Benefit, Employment & Support Services | Child Care Connection Hawaii (Subsidies). It is the responsibility of the parents to inquire with CCCH and obtain the necessary documents. Any subsidy provided by CCCH is done so through reimbursement of summer tuition. Parents applying for CCCH subsidies are responsible for providing payment to Kama`aina Kids. CCCH documents, which require information from Kama`aina Kids, should be submitted to the Site Coordinator of your child’s summer program.

During the summer, payment plans are available for select programs. The payment plan requires a minimum deposit when registering each child. Any remaining balance can be split into 2 payments, with the first payment due at the May registration deadline, and the final payment due in the latter-half of June.

Q: What are site calendars?
A: Site calendars showcase what kids can look forward to each day of the program. This is also helpful for parents who wish to check out a site's daily activities when registering. Check below for calendar samples from last year.

Sample Calendar 1
Sample Calendar 2

Q: Who is eligible for the Summer Programs?
A: At minimum, a child must have completed Kindergarten to be eligible for summer day camp participation. Unfortunately, pre-K does not qualify. If your child is younger than the minimum age requirement, our Preschools are a viable option for summer childcare! Email us at preschool@kamaainakids.com for more information.

In addition to the meeting the minimum age/grade eligibility, a child must also be able to function safely within our 15:1, student to staff ratio, to attend program. This includes the ability to independently complete certain tasks that our program activities may require, such as changing clothes without assistance, carrying and caring for all belongings brought to program, and remaining with the group in public space.

Certain programs, such as After Summer School Programs and Summer Plus, will only be available to students registered in the specified program and location. For example, in order to enroll in a Summer Plus program, the child must first be enrolled in Summer Fun at the select location.

Q: May I enroll a child who does not speak English as a first language?
A: The ability to speak English is not a requirement for a child to participate in our day camps. If a child has completed kindergarten, at minimum, and is able to function safely within our 15:1, student to staff ratio, then he or she may enroll. Please note that our staff members are not bilingual. However, past experience has demonstrated that children, who do not speak English as a first language, are able to succeed through non-verbal gestures and by following the actions of the other program participants.

Q: Can children from foreign countries participate in the summer day camps?
A: Children visiting from outside the United States are welcome to participate, provided that he or she: 1. has at least completed kindergarten and 2. is able to function safely in our 15:1 student/staff ratio. In addition to the eligibility requirements, the following must be on record prior to the child’s first day of program:

  • A current and completed Health History form
  • Proof of health insurance for each participant
  • A US or local contact number for the primary sponsor or legal guardian of each child

Program Information

Q: When will the site calendars be ready?
A: Calendars will start to post on our web site and made available via our mobile app early May.

Q: What is the general daily schedule?
A: Program hours vary by location. In general, drop off is anytime from the opening hour until 8am. 8am-2:30pm is the day program (when on excursion, it would be between these hours. Pick up is any time between 2:30pm-Closing).

Q: What type of activities can my child expect?
A: Generally speaking, our summer programs include a variety of theme-based experiences, which are planned by our staff and aimed at strengthening each child’s Social Emotional Learning. On Site Activities include: Arts & Crafts, Collaborative Games, Simple Science, Music, Team-Building Exercises, Physical Fitness, and Guest Speakers.

Summer Day Camp programs include weekly excursions to local attractions and off-site, recreational activities, as well as a waterfront experience in Kāneʻohe Bay. All activities and excursions are guided by a core curriculum that focuses on developing critical 21st century skills—such as communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking—through fun, unique and hands-on activities.

Q: How can I contact the site during the program?
A: Best way to keep in contact with our day camp program sites is to download our mobile app! You can email, text and call the site coordinator directly from the app. The app also provides additional useful information regarding programming.