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Summer FAQ

Below provides some general answers to the most common questions regarding our summer programs! Can't find what you are looking for? Email us at support@kamaainakids.com

General Registration

Q: When will registration for your summer programs start?
A: Kama'aina Kids handles a variety of summer programs for keiki grades kindergarten to middle school. Some of the more popular programs include the below (dates provided are estimates only):

 - Day/Specialty Camps: Summer registration is anticipated to begin on April 2017.
 - After Summer School Program (ASSP): Information and registration anticipated to become available sometime in April 2017.
 - Summer Plus: Information and registration anticipated to become available sometime in May 2017.

Q: Do I need to have a physician complete the Health History Form?
A: A parent’s signature is acceptable, in place of a physician’s. Parents may also submit copies of the immunization charts. All forms must be completed or submitted by the child’s first day of program.

Q: What comes with a purchased lunch?
A: While a preset menu is not available for the daily lunch service the following serves as a general guide for our lunch program. On the first day of each week, children that are signed up for the lunch program will receive 1 Pizza Hut personal pan pizza and a juice. For the remainder of the week, a brown bag lunch is provided, consisting of 1 sandwich with cold cuts—such as ham, turkey, bologna, etc.—2 different types of snacks and a juice. If your child has food allergies or is particular about what he or she eats, it is best to provide a lunch from home.

Q: Do you provide financial assistance?
A: Thanks to our families and friends, partial scholarships are available. Download the scholarship package. In addition, our Day Camps and Specialty Camps have payment plans available for select programs. Pay a minimum of $100 when registering per child, with no less than 50% of your balance due by May 19, 2017. Your remaining balance is due by June 30, 2017!

Q: What are site calendars?
A: Site calendars showcase what kids can look forward to each day of the program. This is also helpful for parents who wish to check out a site's daily activities when registering. Check below for calendar samples from last year.

Sample Calendar 1
Sample Calendar 2

Q: Minimum Age Eligibility?
At minimum, a child must have completed Kindergarten in order to be eligible for summer day camp participation. If your child is younger than the minimum age requirement, our Preschools are a viable option for summer childcare! Email us at preschool@kamaainakids.com for more information.

Program Information

Q: When will the site calendars be ready?
A: Calendars will start to post online early May.

Q: How do UPGRADES work?
A: Upgrades are only available as an option to families who register for the entire summer package; regardless if they register for the 6-6 or 6-2:30 option. It can be for any of the 3 specialty camps, at an additional fee, all-inclusive, but only available during the weeks a specialty camp is open.

Q: What are the program hours for Specialty Camps and Transportation?
A: When a family registers for a Specialty Camp or utilizes transportation, the program hours are from 6am-6pm.

Q: What is the general daily schedule?
A: 6am-8am is drop off. 8am-2:30pm is the day program (when on excursion, it would be between these hours. Pick up is any time between 2:30pm-6pm).

Q: What happens at Waterfront?
A: Children have the option of going kayaking and sailing. In order to participate in waterfront, children must pass our basic swim test. The swim focuses more on a child’s comfort in a life jacket, in the water. All children, regardless of ability, must wear a life jacket and reef walkers.